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Investment, production, marketing, PR and brand partnership in film and TV.

Everyone loves stories.

We love Tall Stories. The Taller the better.

Not that we have anything against Short Stories, you understand. It’s just that Tall Stories have more going for them. It’s what gives them their Altitude. And their Attitude. And that’s what we want.

We spend our days on the lookout for Tall Stories. But of a very specific kind. The Tall Stories we turn into film must be REAL. Genuine, bona fide, real life, stranger than fiction, I cannot believe that really happened why didn’t I know about this earlier? bobby-dazzlers. They’re the stories we wish to tell. They’re the films we like to make.

And we’ve started as we mean to go on...



Trevor Beattie is one of the most successful and talked-about Creative Directors in UK Advertising. His early campaigns for Wonderbra (Hello Boys) and French Connection UK (FCUK) caused scandal, controversy, media attention and large sales hikes in equal measure. His masterminding of the marketing for New Labour helped Tony Blair towards 3 consecutive General Election wins. His ad agency BMB was made Marketing Agency of the Year in 2007.

Having hired Duncan Jones to work at BMB, Beattie made a radical career shift towards film making, collaborating with Jones on the BAFTA winning sci-fi cult classic MOON. He also Exec Produced the follow-up, MUTE.

Leaving Adland behind, he set up TREVOR BEATTIE FILMS with ex-Adland colleague, Jeremy Chatterton. Beattie worked on the production and marketing of David Fairhead’s feature doc SPITFIRE in 2018. He also teamed up with Jacqui and David Morris on the acclaimed NUREYEV and 2016 Grierson-winning ATTACKING THE DEVIL.

Beattie’s advertising background means that TBFilms work uniquely through all aspects of the film making process, from investment through production and potential brand involvement, to the marketing and PR of movies.

Most recently, he has brought all of these craft skills to bear on the Mad As Birds production of Eddie Izzard’s wartime thriller SIX MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT.


Jeremy is a 25-year veteran of the advertising, sports and entertainment industries.

He established his career representing Lennox Lewis, brokering his first million-dollar partnership deal with FCUK.  Jeremy went on to establish and develop the Boardmasters festival in Cornwall before joining Trevor Beattie at BMB where he set up and ran the sports and entertainment business for the agency.
He has been responsible for structuring numerous sponsorship, partnerships and broadcast deals in Live Music, Heavyweight Boxing, Athletics, International Cricket, The London Marathon, U.S. Action Sports, Feature Films as well as producing ground breaking Ad Funded TV Series.

Jeremy brokered a partnership with adidas on MAKE US DREAM the PRIME ORIGINAL feature sports documentary of Stephen Gerrard’s football career.

Working with Trevor, his credits include Executive Producer on the Grierson winning ATTACKING THE DEVIL, Executive Producer on UNIVERSAL'S feature documentary NUREYEV and Producer on LANCASTER, the SKY DOCUMENTARIES acquired follow-up to SPITFIRE.



LANCASTER tells the story of the iconic WW2 bomber, through the words and experiences of its surviving crew members. We follow our veterans as they join-up, learn to fly and go to war…


Designed to take the war to the enemy - and to win it - the Lancaster was both loved and feared. From the firestorms of Hamburg, through the famous Dambuster raids and the still-controversial bombing of Dresden, emotional testimonies tell of courage, fear, friendship and moral ambiguity.


There was a deadly price to be paid for those lethal nightly raids over Germany: 55,000 Bomber Command aircrew and some 600,000 civilians were killed. Such was the cost if defeating fascism and restoring peace to Nazi-occupied Europe.

DIRECTED BY Anthony Palmer, David Fairhead DIRECTOR OF AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY John Dibbs PRODUCED BY Trevor Beattie Jeremy Chatterton, Gareth Dodds, Keith Haviland  &  Steve Milne EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Will Clarke, Andy Mason, Mike Rugnall,  Jamie Morris, Jack Oliver & Richard Lake FILM TRAILERS & SOCIAL CONTENT, Trevor Beattie, Matt Wardle &  Dan Forde KEY ART & FILM TITLE DESIGN Dan Forde FILM PARTNERSHIPS & EVENTS Jeremy Chatterton MARKETING & PROMOTION Trevor Beattie, Jeremy Chatterton



TBFilms created a marketing and promotional campaign for the release of LANCASTER.


Working closely with our distributor, ALTITUDE and SKY DOCUMENTARIES, we produced a suite of creative assets and activities. All materials, from front-of-house posters through step & repeat backdrops, to holding slides for Q&A events and Premiere invitations bore the typographic look and emotional tone of the film.


TBFilms created and produced a trailer, adaptable to various time lengths and media platforms, again showcasing the emotional punch of LANCASTER.


We also developed and managed a close brand partnership with legendary model manufacturers AIRFIX, including a unique in-box promotion of the film to tie in with the release of a new Lancaster kit.

TBFilms secured investment from the Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association and managed the relationship for LANCASTER including a members screening and producing a specific content package on the charity for their usage which sits as an exclusive extra on the DVD and BLU-RAY.


Our campaign culminated in exclusive screening events at IWM Duxford, RAF Hendon and the Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association, at the spiritual home of Bomber Command, Woodhall Spa.





The story of SPITFIRE.

A machine with a soul. A weapon of war which won the Battle of Britain and the hearts of a nation. The most famous plane that ever flew.

DIRECTED BY Anthony Palmer, David Fairhead. PRODUCED BY Steve Milne, Gareth Dodds. EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Trevor Beattie, Keith Haviland, Christian Eisenbeiss. FILM TRAILERS & SOCIAL CONTENT, Trevor Beattie, Matt Wardle & Dan Forde POSTER DESIGN Dan Forde MARKETING & PROMOTION Trevor Beattie


SPITFIRE_48sheet_For TBF.jpg


TBFilms created the iconic poster for the film. We also produced a trailer and content for the film’s social media channels which captured the emotion and sacrifice of the pilots who flew the plane.


Nureyev Art.jpg

The story of NUREYEV. A man born into abject poverty in the 5th Class carriage of the Trans-Siberian Express, yet who rose to become the world’s greatest dancer and a global, sexual and cultural icon.

DIRECTED BY Jacqui Morris, David Morris. PRODUCED BY Jacqui Morris, Trevor Beattie. EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Trevor Beattie, Jacqui Morris, Jeremy Chatterton, Angus Neill, Aaron Lau, Bil Bungay, Victoria Steventon. FILM TRAILERS, POSTER, MARKETING, PR CAMPAIGN Trevor Beattie, Matt Wardle, Dan Forde, Jeremy Chatterton.

FILM TITLE DESIGN Dan Forde. MARKETING & PROMOTION Trevor Beattie & Jeremy Chatterton




TBFilms produced the marketing and promotional materials for the release of NUREYEV, including posters, content packages and the social campaign as well as coordinating with our international distributor Piece Of Magic Entertainment to put on two screenings and Q&A’s in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Our approach was simple, to focus on the man, his life and attitude as well as championing Nureyev as one of the first superstar heroes of the LGBTQ community. 

We needed to target as wide an audience as possible including fans of ballet, music and dance as well as the wider arts, culture, dance, history and political audiences. 

We created a phased campaign with teasers that announced that Nureyev was back creating intrigue, using the theatrical trailers to drive mass awareness and extending the reach and response, by creating bespoke shareable short edits of film content to appeal to our different audience types.

We put in place a partnership with PRIDE who not only pushed the film in it’s social channels but worked with key LGBTQ influencers to promote the film.

TBFilms also organised the premiere and worked with our Executive Producer Mark Borkowski to deliver the PR for the film’s release including a  series of stunts around the event and London.





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ATD Art 2.jpg

The tragic, triumphant story of the Thalidomide Scandal. The miraculous battle fought by Sir Harold Evans to uncover the truth by ATTACKING THE DEVIL. Before the internet, before social media. When victims had something even more extraordinary to fight their corner: investigative journalism.

DIRECTED BY Jacqui Morris, David Morris. PRODUCED BY Jacqui Morris. EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Steve Milne, Christian Eisenbeiss, Rankin, Trevor Beattie, Jeremy Chatterton. FILM TRAILER, POSTER, MARKETING AND PR CAMPAIGN Trevor Beattie, Matt Wardle, Dan Forde, Jeremy Chatterton, Mark Borkowski.


An important film and one that focused the mind.  We produced the trailer and working with Executive Producer Rankin created the poster for the film. PR was coordinated and managed by Mark Borkowski.




trebuchet copy.png
timeout copy.png
theobserver copy.png

Jeremy brokered and managed a brand partnership with adidas for the PRIME ORIGINAL feature documentary MAKE US DREAM. Alongside the film's producer James Gay-Rees, he worked with adidas PR and marketing leads to deliver a social and influencer program that supported and promoted the film pre, during and post the premieres in London and Liverpool and the subsequent release on PRIME.

MOON Art.jpg

The story of MOON. Where the future science realities of cloning and the mining of natural resources on other worlds collides with the all too human realities of isolation, loneliness and longing.

DIRECTED BY Duncan Jones. PRODUCED BY Stuart Fenegan, Trudie Styler. EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Michael Henry, Bill Zysblat, Trevor Beattie, Bil Bungay.






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